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Don and Fran have mastered the art of leading with purpose, values and story... and now they're giving you the playbook."

Larry Weber
Chairman and CEO of Racepoint Global and Founder of Weber Shandwick

Why we wrote this book

As times change, organizations must evolve. It's no longer enough to state what you do and how you do it. Today, people demand to know why. Many leaders see the shift, but fail to adapt. It's not easy to uncover who you are and practice the principles you preach. While others struggle to survive, your firm can thrive with the 3 keys to unlock purpose and profit.

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The authors

Meet the authors

The 3 keys existed long before the world demanded they be put into words. Purpose, values, and story fueled the achievements of Don Scales and Fran Gross, before either of them could articulate it.

Don and Fran have nearly 65 years combined experience, exploring purpose-driven brand foundations and leading values-based professional service firms. Now, purpose-driven, or values-based, businesses are everywhere, and any brands who cannot adapt cannot survive.

Don Scales

Don Scales has more than three decades of experience leading professional services firms and has driven exceptional growth by aligning people around core values. He currently serves as Global CEO for Investis Digital, a groundbreaking digital communications firm. Prior to Investis Digital, Don was CEO of iCrossing, a performance marketing company that Don sold to Hearst Corporation for $325 million. Don holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School.


Fran Biderman-Gross

Fran Biderman-Gross is the CEO and Founder of Advantages, an Inc. 500 global digital branding and marketing agency. A graduate of MIT's Entrepreneurial Master's Program and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program, Fran is a master at helping others translate their vision and values into a consistent and authentic brand experience. Fran is the developer of the 3 keys Workshop and an in-demand speaker and consultant who has empowered countless leaders to form the emotional connections that drive revenue growth.


What leaders are saying…

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It's no longer enough to just define your purpose; your customers need to experience it. Ensuring that it's communicated through every interaction has proven to be a challenge. This book provides an excellent roadmap for you to become a purpose-driven organization."

Deborah Leff
IBM CTO | Data and AI
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My book with Tom McMakin explained How Clients Buy. In this book, Fran and Don beautifully articulate why clients buy. This important work is a must-read for every leader striving to build a successful values-based organization."

Doug Fletcher
Co-Author of How Clients Buy
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Travel is complex, every day Delta transports millions of travelers across the globe. The only way to make that happen is to align people around our purpose, values and story. This book will guide you to uncover your 3 keys."

Henry Kuykendall
Delta, Senior Vice President
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This book is an insightful work of art. Rather than write empty words like so many others, Don and Fran opt to deliver substance of depth, with practical application. I recommend this vital resource to the leaders of any organization, as leaders of all industries require clear and concise methodology like Don and Fran's to captivate the hearts of employees and customers alike."

Kipp Marcus
Director of Core Marketing, Amazon Europe
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When executives used to transition to new jobs, roles, and companies, they've always evaluated location, compensation, and opportunity. Now more than ever, they consider things like purpose and values. If you want to attract and retain the best executives, you need to know and live your vision. To do that, you need this book."

George Bradt
Author of First Time Leader, The New Leader's 100 day Action Plan and CEO BootCamp — Prime Genesis Chairman & Founder
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I would personally recruit any leader with half the brilliance this book has to offer. The book not only provides a unique perspective on leading professional services firms but also masterfully compiles a myriad of crucial information that leaders can simply apply to lead any business organization in a shifting market."

Jay Hussey
CEO, SRI North America
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This essential leadership manual accurately captures the most crucial elements of creating a high-performance organization. Your purpose, values, and story are fundamental to gaining a competitive advantage in today's market place. Any leader who aims to unify and advance their organization today stands to benefit from internalizing Don and Fran's ideas."

Warren Rustand
CEO, Summit Capital Consulting
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The leadership style that Don and Fran describe gives anyone in any company a sense of confidence about the future, during transitions and always. This book is the best education available today for anyone looking to acquire or lead any organization."

Mike Jackson
Former CFO at Agency.com and iCrossing

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