Brandon Peele

In this episode…

How do you define success? In today’s world, the definition of successful leadership and the evaluation of a meaningful legacy have shifted to be more expansive than dollars and cents alone. Current CEOs have redefined the role of business in society, challenging the notion that corporations must maximize profits at all costs.

Where shareholders were once the driving force of these organizations, leaders are now putting an emphasis on their stakeholders. Brandon Peele, the Founder of Global Purpose Leaders, believes that a leader’s true role is to activate their purpose, empower their teams, and drive value to the world as well as the workplace.

Join Fran Biderman-Gross in this episode of Drive Profit with Purpose as she and Brandon Peele discuss balancing purpose and profit in order to drive value to your employees, consumers, investors, and society at large. Discover how to activate your purpose in all aspects of your life, and lead your organization to a meaningful legacy today. Stay tuned.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Invest in your people over your profits
  • Clarify your vision in order to decentralize the decision-making process
  • Empower your team to make purpose-driven decisions
  • Build the four muscles of effective leadership: transparency, vulnerability, storytelling, and self-reflection
  • Activate your authentic self to inspire others
  • Embrace your failures as valuable learning opportunities
  • Align your values with your organization’s social and environmental impact

About Brandon

Brandon Peele activates purpose to solve leaders’ most daunting challenges. Brandon is a best-selling author, a passionate speaker, an experienced advisor, and the Vice President of People Science at ion Learning. Most importantly, he is a truly purpose-driven human who helps executives and organizations activate their purpose to boost satisfaction and drive productivity— beyond the most unthinkable visions.

As the founder of Global Purpose Leaders, Brandon propels leadership, fuels inclusive cultures, and transforms worlds as well as workplaces. Over the last two decades, he has written four books and worked with some of the biggest brand names out there. Through his renowned keynotes, lectures, workshops, and consulting, Brandon has also guided numerous leaders toward careers they excel at and lives they love.

To put it simply, Brandon Peele helps powerful people sleep at night by empowering them to lead a purposeful life.

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