Brandon Peele

Brandon Peele solves leaders’ most daunting challenges with a single word—purpose. Brandon is a best-selling author, a passionate speaker, an experienced advisor, and the Vice President of People Science at ion Learning. Most importantly, he is a truly purpose-driven human who helps executives and organizations activate their purpose to boost satisfaction and drive productivity— beyond the most unthinkable visions.

As the founder of Global Purpose Leaders, Brandon propels leadership, fuels inclusive cultures, and transforms worlds as well as workplaces. Over the last two decades, he has written four books and worked with some of the biggest brand names out there. Through his renowned keynotes, lectures, workshops, and consulting, Brandon has also guided numerous leaders toward careers they excel at and lives they love.

To put it simply, Brandon Peele helps powerful people sleep at night by empowering them to lead a purposeful life.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Uncover your purpose in order to create a meaningful legacy for your organization
  • Treat your failures as opportunities for growth and learning
  • Develop leadership capacities of inclusion and understanding
  • Align your messaging with current global and social issues
  • Evolve your business to meet the emotional and cultural needs of your customers and employees
  • Empower people to be a part of something greater

In this episode…

Our greatest challenges often give us the freshest perspectives. When the pandemic changed our way of life, many began to put their priorities in order. The business world and the world have further shifted focus from profit to purpose, doing whatever they can to connect with others and bring meaning into this trying time. While it has never been more necessary for people to live their passions, it has also never been more challenging.

Unfortunately, the speedy return to normalcy that we all prayed for is not the reality we’ve come to experience. Leadership advisor Brandon Peele insists that the only way forward is to invent a new normal. He propels humanitarian objectives, but you can embrace whichever mission empowers you and drives people to you. Prioritize the values you share with your customers, employees, and communities. Brandon explains that when leaders fully embrace a clearly-defined purpose, they grow to lead meaningful and profitable lives.

Join Fran Biderman-Gross in this episode of Drive Profit with Purpose as she and Brandon Peele discuss the most important factor of running a business in 2020: purpose. Listen in as Brandon explains how to adapt to the current events of the world. Discover how to learn from your failures, meet the needs of your customers, and transform the world as well as the workplace. Stay tuned.

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