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It’s incredible to realize how much thought, purpose and planning go into putting what most of us think of as a very simple product –honey– on our tables. I absolutely love how Alex and Upendo shatter the misconception that businesses produce profits and nonprofits produce impact. Upendo is doubling revenue every year and expanding impact through poverty alleviation and support for organic bee farming all fueled by consumer demands for quality product and the desire to play a part in their purposeful story. It´s the market pulling the growth as opposed to a policy being pushed on the market. How sweet is that?

  • Discusses the importance of purposeful planning
  • Explains that there are several avenues to impact (many Hows to achieve your Why)
  • Describes how a purposeful culture drives a passionate workforce
  • Shares the importance of clarifying your values and modeling them for your teams
  • Highlights the importance of knowing your customer
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Show Summary:

  1. It’s the bigger picture motivation
  2. Modeling good behavior and living by your values it comes back to you in employees, vendor relations, community support
  3. Market Pull vs Policy Push
  4. When the company grows the opportunity for the teams grow
  5. Do the work in the beginning to determine where the tradeoffs are, in advance, solidify your values. 
  6. All the marketing in the world won’t help you if your product isn’t great.
  7. Know the consumer
  8. The importance of following your gut instinct

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