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Mike confirmed just how quickly the podcast industry is growing, and also shared such important reminders about engagement. It’s safe to say that a podcast is only as successful as its audience. You might be wondering, what’s the best approach to growth marketing? Mike demystifies how podcasts can be profitable and where to start while also sharing some of his biggest takeaways as a business leader and what gets him excited to get out of bed in the morning.

I loved Mike’s approach to business, too. He focuses on the journey more than the destination. He proves and disproves the path he envisions. Additionally, he reminded me of such a powerful lesson in accepting life and business as it comes. To stop stressing about what cannot be controlled.

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Show Summary:

The podcast industry is growing at rapid rates. Mike Wiston, CEO and Founder of mowMedia, discusses some of the most effective strategies to drive growth, the importance of audience engagement, and his approach as a business leader in getting his hands dirty in all aspects of the business.

  1. Monetizing through sponsorships 
  2. Highlights why early on organic audience growth is more valuable than paid
  3. Subtle ways on how to drive growth
  4. Determining what you really want from a podcast
  5. Understanding and valuing each employee’s contribution as a business leader

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