Episode 3

Episode 3Season 4

Inspire Actionable Values

In this episode... If you know me, you know that values are at the essence of who I am. I am truly dedicated to the impact that values make both in my personal life, my professional life, and in the world at large.  Values are…
October 3, 2022
Episode 3Season 3

Best of Drive Profit with Purpose: Part 3

In this episode... This is the third in a series of purposeful highlights from Season 2 of the Drive Profit with Purpose podcast. We culled through all of our last season’s episodes to find the practical, purposeful pieces of wisdom that you can use to…
April 6, 2021
Episode 3Season 2

Merge Your Values First with Don Scales

In this episode... A damning​ ​Harvard Business Review​ Report has found that between 70% & 90% of mergers & acquisitions fail. While two companies may appear to be great match on paper, they are often far from it in reality. According to a​ ​Deloitte study​,…
October 20, 2020