Cesar Quintero is the founder of The Profit Recipe where he helps entrepreneurs and their leadership teams build their businesses by design so that they can live by design. He is a certified entrepreneur operating system (EOS) implementer and scaling up trainer for the Entrepreneurial Organization’s (EO) accelerator program. Cesar is also the founder of Fit2Go as well as a partner at Rawbar2Go.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Cesar Quintero recalls meeting Fran Biderman-Gross and how her workshop on purpose changed his life
  • Cesar discusses the difference between the world defines values and the way he defines values
  • Cesar talks about how to discover your values and provides samples of values at play 
  • How values help you attract the right people and how to translate personal values into shared values
  • The importance of making your values mean something
  • How to communicate values the right way and how to bring them to life 
  • Cesar’s advice for leaders and aspiring leaders on the importance of values 
  • How shared values can highlight misalignments in times of crisis
  • Why it’s good to reevaluate core and shared values and when you should do it
  • How developing your company’s value can impact profitability

In this episode…

Many entrepreneurs start their business with a certain set of organizational values that serve as their guiding principle in business. But many of them struggle to articulate these values and communicate them effectively leading to misalignment within the team which impacts not only team output but company profit as well.

Cesar Quintero believes that understanding the intrinsic role values play in any company is the key to driving any business to success. It serves as a filtering mechanism when hiring people and it also helps build up the authentic branding of the company. But how can you discover your core values and meld it with the shared values in your company? And how do you translate these values into reality?

In this episode of Drive Profit with Purpose podcast, Fran Biderman-Gross interviews Cesar Quintero of The Profit Recipe about the essence and process of discovering personal values, how to translate these into actionable shared values for your business in order to drive profit and growth. Stay tuned.  

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