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As data, globalization, and technology seep more and more into our lives, we seek greater transparency and authenticity from the brands we engage with. In this context, business leaders must invest in decentralized ecosystems that work collaboratively to earn trust from their consumers, partners, and employees. 

This is not an easy ambition as it requires “undoing” systems and supply chains that have been designed for efficiency and control. Yet at Topl, Kim Raath, CEO of Topl, has made it her life’s mission to help organizations prove their ethical and sustainable practices. In this season 2 finale, she and Advantages CEO Fran Biderman- Gross explore Topl’s journey as well as how the company proves purpose and fuels profit.

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“There is no profit without purpose.”

– Kim Raath

  • Companies’ social reputations influence their customers’ purchasing decisions as consumers prefer to purchase from companies that are associated with their ideals.
  • Brands create trust and connect with larger audiences when they back their claims with evidence.
  • Authenticity adds value to products and services; sustainable and ethical practices justify premium prices.
  • Advanced technology can only advance a company, when paired with a powerful purpose.
  • The most profitable, forward thinking brands carefully balance the costs and benefits of innovation to generate revenue.
  • Businesses don’t need to reinvent the wheel to reimagine the results. Leverage existing tools differently to create new efficiencies.
  • When purposeful brands consider how to activate their purpose, they ought to consider the value, size, and efficiency of their impact. In other words “How can you achieve more with less?”

Kim’s Story

Growing up in South Africa during the 1990s, Kim witnessed much inequality and poverty. Then, while working with various NGO’s to rebuild communities, she visited 18 developing countries. As she  backpacked through some of the most remote regions of the world, Kim saw the acute need for digital infrastructure in these emerging markets. As part of the Center for Computational Finance and Economic Systems (CoFES) and as a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (NSF GRFP), Kim finished up an MA in Economics while also pursuing a Ph.D. in Statistics at Rice University. In this context, she conducted interdisciplinary research allowing her to contribute to large-scale economic issues that impact the availability of and accessibility to basic needs.

In 2017, Kim co-founded Topl. Its blockchain tracks all instances in a business’ supply chain in order to help companies prove claimed ESG certifications, enables unbanked producers to use their production histories as alternative sources of credit, and provides end-consumers transparency around where and how their products are produced. There are a lot of amazing people changing the world, and through Topl, Kim helps them prove it.

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