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Listen in as I sit down with Randy Goers at Podfest 2023 as he shares how he’s using drones to make a positive impact, create great connections, the lessons he learned, and insights you can use to take YOUR business to the next level!

Get ready for an episode packed with purpose-driven inspiration! Randy Goers, the host of the Drone Radio Show Podcast, has 35 years of experience in urban planning, Randy has now turned his attention to aerial robotics innovation to become a leading figure in the industry. His podcast has reached over 970,000 listeners who have been inspired by his interviews with industry leaders. In this episode, Randy shares his insights on using technology to make a positive impact and create meaningful connections. Get ready to take your business to new heights with tips and tricks with Randy’s inspiring story!

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Show Summary:

Taking a step into the unknown, Randy dove headfirst into drone-based podcasting. Little did he know it would quickly lead to success and inspire listeners worldwide! Through cultivating meaningful connections with customers far and wide, his reach grew steadily – leading him straight to the heart of the industry itself. Thanks to one leap of faith seven years ago, opportunities like attending trade shows or appearing in publications such as Drone Life & Irish Tech News flourished for Randy along this journey.

  • He shared how passion can be a powerful motivator, and his message to embrace it with enthusiasm resonated strongly. Along the way he highlighted how essential it is to remain focused on achieving our end goal.
  • By listening intently to customers and turning their feedback into actionable insight, Randy believes that establishing meaningful connections is vital for ongoing success.
  • In the unpredictable world of technology, success relies on having a core mission and staying agile. Adaptability is essential for growth, but keeping your sights set firmly on that original goal ensures you won’t stray from what really matters.

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