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We are honored to have the globally recognized podcaster, Katie Krimitsos here with me, a true powerhouse who made waves in the world of meditation and personal growth with record breaking number of global downloads. From the moment she discovered meditation as a young adult, Katie has been obsessed with the power it holds. She’s used it as a tool to navigate the many challenges of life, from growing a business to raising children. And with her unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth, there’s no doubt that she’s making an impact on women worldwide.

But how does she manage to do it all? Well, folks, it all comes down to Katie’s secret weapon: time blocking. By carefully planning out her day, she’s able to stay focused and present in every moment, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

So, get ready to be inspired and energized as we dive into today’s episode with Katie Krimitsos. We’ll be talking about how she’s built a thriving business while empowering women to become their best selves, both inside and outside of work. It’s going to be a wild ride, so buckle up and let’s go!

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Show Summary:

  • Get ready to unleash your inner adventurer and take risks like never before, because today’s key takeaways are all about stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing the unknown. Every decision you make, no matter how daunting, is a learning experience that will guide you through life’s more challenging roads and open doors of opportunity for your future.
  • Remember, you are the pilot of your own journey. Don’t worry about the what-ifs and trust your judgment. Every path you choose will be one of its kind, so embrace uncertainty and unlock new potential.
  • Making big decisions can be life-changing, but it takes courage to make them. So take ownership of your business, even if it’s messy and uncomfortable. We are all meant to evolve and make decisions that fulfill us, rather than just settling for what comes our way.
  • Unleashing your creativity can be a powerful process, so forget about boundaries or limits and take risks by trying different forms of expression. Sure, not every attempt might hit its mark, but when you create something distinctively yours, that’s worth celebrating.
  • Challenge yourself to become the best version of yourself, embrace discovery and stay curious. Each experience can bring more excellent knowledge and growth. You have inherent potential, and it’s time to realize it!
  • And finally, there’s nothing more inspiring than turning your passion into a successful business that benefits many. So, take the leap and make your dreams a reality. The world needs what you have to offer!

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