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Get ready to ignite your passion and make a meaningful impact through podcasting! Today, we’re excited to have the amazing Latina Podcaster Rita Bautista join us.

Rita Bautista is the visionary founder and CEO of Latina Podcasters Network, a unique platform that amplifies Latinx voices in podcast media.

Her journey began with her successful 2019 launch – but it’s gone far beyond personal success. After recognizing Latinas’ need for more representation in this sector, she set out to fill this gap by curating a network providing opportunities for aspiring and established podcasters across US, Mexico & Puerto Rico. 

She was driven by her heartfelt goal to achieve fairness. Brands soon joined forces with Rita’s cause – giving fair compensation to diverse talent whose stories might have remained untold for far too long. She saw the urgent need to recognize unheard voices and dedicated her efforts to making them heard.

Come along as I chat with Rita at PodFest and be amazed by her inspirational insights that will help you find direction, clarity, and purpose in life and business!

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Show Summary:

Our discussion was overflowing with valuable insights – here’s a rundown of the highlights:

  • Success is within reach for aspiring entrepreneurs who continue to work hard.
  • Latinos have shown a remarkable aptitude for connecting with brands when promoted by someone of their own background. Over three quarters favor authentic voices which provides an incredible opportunity to further empower Latino-led podcast creators and content producers as influential advocates in the industry.
  • Latin podcasters found a lot of joy in working together – helping one another to succeed and grow within the network. In turn, they were able to create an engaging interview experience that went beyond just basic recording. Through mutual support and cross-promotion, these passionate creators showed how much potential can be unleashed when collaboration takes place!.
  • The Latinx market is a powerful economic force – the Latino Listener Report and subsequent reports suggest that US-based Latinos will be injecting around $2 trillion worth of GDP into America’s economy. Ad revenue, sponsorships and other forms of investment can all draw upon this wealth to experience lasting success.
  • Despite being community based, the organization is a for profit business. Profit potential and social impact are both considered when ensuring that members of the niche receive market rate or above-market compensation; if their promotion drives consumer buying power, they should be well rewarded.
  • Passion and profit can go hand in hand – don’t be scared to put a price tag on the value of your work. 
  • As a startup, the waiting can be daunting. But use that time to your advantage! Take this opportunity to lay down solid foundations and cultivate relationships – even if it’s not with today’s potential client. Setting boundaries will create an environment where you are more likely to succeed in the future.

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