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Join me as I sit down with Glenn at PodFest, where he shares some of his most powerful nuggets of wisdom. We all got a lesson that when we commit ourselves to something meaningful and do so with authenticity and passion, we set ourselves up for success. Glenn’s remarkable story demonstrates the power of purpose-driven action, captivating and motivating us to pursue our dreams. Dedication to your values will always pay off in the long run. So when you find something you believe in, dedicate yourself wholly and authentically to that cause. Because when you put your heart into it, greatness will follow!

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Show Summary:

Just a few months ago, Glenn Hebert met a goal he had for himself in selling his company, Horse Radio Network. Through marketing activity, a dose of fun, strategic alignments, and a candid approach to being purpose-driven, Glenn was intentional about his returns on investments.

  • Shares the importance of being intentional and purposeful towards the end goal and the process to get there
  • Describes how to make a profit and have fun while doing it
  • Elaborates on why it is important to remember “it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you”
  • Describes the value of connecting to listeners through being honest and genuine
  • Encourages to lean into the belief that everything happens for a reason

He describes himself as a “horse husband,” not training or riding horses himself, but instead became a prominent voice in the horse world by owning his lack of knowledge. While his listeners simply get to know him, he passes the reins (pun intended!) to his co-hosts and guests as the experts.

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