Jaime Taets empowers leaders, companies, and communities to evolve through sharp focus, organizational strategy, and effective communication. For over a decade, she has propelled sustainable growth in a variety of leadership roles at some of the biggest corporations out there.

Now, as the founder, CEO, and growth advisor of Keystone Group International, she guides others to realize their visions, create efficiencies, and drive positive change. With an emphasis on empathy, she develops the healthy cultures and relationships that fuel high performance. Jaime believes that the greatest contributor to your success is your ability to impact those around you.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Infuse your purpose into every facet of your organization to inspire your clients and employees alike
  • Look to your vision to provide your business with direction in times of uncertainty
  • Embrace your passion to unlock sustainable growth
  • Focus on future opportunities rather than present unknowns
  • Embrace an open culture to build stronger relationships among your team
  • Survive, stabilize, then thrive during moments of crisis

In this episode…

In times of unparalleled change, one aspect of your organization must remain constant at its core— your brand purpose. When the COVID-19 crisis thrust the business world into chaos, the companies that did not have a clearly established mission struggled to adapt. Meanwhile, purpose-driven businesses harnessed their passion and values to guide them toward long-term success. Now, leaders must further lean on their purpose to bring their teams out of survival mode and into a promising future.

According to growth advisor Jaime Taet, the secret to success is embracing vulnerability instead of resisting it. Jaime explains that successful futures rely on purposeful decisions and the powerful relationships they bolster.

Join Fran Biderman-Gross in this episode of Drive Profit with Purpose as she and Jaime Taets discuss how your purpose can act as a guiding light during times of uncertainty. Listen in as Jaime describes the power of passion, her focus on the future, and emphasis on openness. Stay tuned.

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