Justin Breen

The best way to form the most life-changing connections is to share the most thought-provoking stories. Justin Breen is a best-selling author, a strategic coach, a visionary entrepreneur, and a truly life-changing connector.

Justin knows people as well as he knows the media, and he uses his vast knowledge and network to equip visionary entrepreneurs and executives with the means to unlock their greatest potential.

Through PR, social media, and all-around communications support in all different industries, Justin creates the stories that everyone craves, to expand brands and connect humans.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Invest in authentic relationships to propel your business to global success
  • Embrace an abundance investment mentality rather than a scarcity mindset
  • Eliminate the “nonsense” by connecting with individuals who share your vision
  • Focus on your superpowers to unlock endless possibilities for your network and yourself
  • Plant seeds now that will lead to incredible results in the future

In this episode…

For many business owners, relationships are simply a means to a transactional end. Justin Breen, on the other hand, believes that in order to drive the overall value of your business, you should treat professional relationships as intentional investments.

Justin, the Founder and CEO of BrEpic Communications, attributes the global success of his business to his “abundance mentality.” With this mindset, Justin seeks out relationships with individuals that share his vision, helping him unlock endless opportunities and expand his network exponentially.

Tune in to this episode of Drive Profit with Purpose as Fran Biderman-Gross and Justin Breen discuss how to invest in meaningful relationships that unlock life-changing opportunities. Explore the mindset that propels Justin and like-minded visionaries to achieve exponential success, and discover how to inspire positive change on a global level. Stay tuned.

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