Kathleen Carroll is a marketer, consultant, and professor with a rare combination of creative and strategic skills.

She’s known to unearth some powerful consumer insights in order to build brands by double digits and higher. To do this, Kathleen identifies the emotional aspects of brands that propel unparalleled growth and loyalty.

Two decades ago, she founded The Branding Clinic, a brand and marketing consultancy that empowers Fortune 500 companies to grow new brands or turn around existing ones. At the root of Kathleen’s impeccable track record is her undeniable, authentic passion.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Position your brand to drive value to humanity and the world
  • Reinvent the consumer experience during times of change
  • Shift your perspective in order to deepen relationships in a virtual world
  • Develop a safe space to explore new opportunities and possibilities
  • Lead with emotion and support to create stronger consumer connections
  • Reimagine your products to be predictable, painless, and purposeful

In this episode…

Now more than ever before, brands have the ability to contribute to the change of humanity and the world. Kathleen Carroll, the CEO and Founder of The Branding Clinic, believes that the best way to take advantage of this opportunity is to focus on the consumer experience.

As consumers continue to change their attitudes and needs, brands must adapt to meet them where they are. According to Kathleen, the key to creating brand loyalty is to make purposeful, intentional decisions using consumer insights. By identifying the emotional needs of consumers, she helps brands drive authentic value and propel unparalleled growth.

Tune in to this episode of Drive Profit with Purpose as Fran Biderman-Gross and Kathleen Carroll discuss how you can position your brand to build emotional connections with your customers. Discover the strategies Kathleen uses to help brands navigate uncharted territory, reinvigorate the consumer experience, and drive greater value to humanity. Stay tuned.

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