Lisa Bennett

Lisa Bennett is the Vice President of Corporate Marketing for Kaltura, a company that powers video experiences for thousands of organizations across a multitude of industries and markets. She is a great and purpose-driven leader and communicator who does incredible things in communications all around the world.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Lisa Bennett talks about how purpose helped in building Kaltura’s global brand
  • Lisa shares how Kaltura’s culture of collaboration comes alive
  • How Lisa maintains her team’s connection and values alignment despite working remotely
  • How to keep team members engaged despite the distance
  • Lisa talks about how she drives accountability within her team
  • How organizational purpose can breed team cohesiveness in order to drive profit

In this episode…

There’s no question about it. When a team is able to work seamlessly together there is virtually nothing that can stop them from achieving one goal after another. But bringing cohesiveness into teams can be a challenge especially when you’re working with diverse personalities who are working remotely. Lisa Bennett says entrenching organizational purpose plays a critical role in bringing any team together and aligning their values to drive profit to your company.

Lisa, who leads a global team as the VP of Marketing of Kaltura, says from her experience, in order to build team cohesiveness, an organization must have a strong organizational purpose and have a vision that everyone can focus on. And the key to making everyone stay aligned with your values and purpose? Accountability.

In this episode of Drive Profit with Purpose, Fran Biderman-Gross interviews Lisa Bennett of Kaltura about how purpose helped build their brand’s global image, how she maintains focus and keeps her team engaged despite working remotely, and the best ways to encourage accountability within the team. Stay tuned.

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