Luly B. Carreras is the author of the book, Balance is Bull$h!t: How Being a Mom, Wife, and Entrepreneur Taught Me That Balance is a Myth. She is an entrepreneur and a feisty Cuban American mom with 20 years of experience in marketing strategy, business consulting, and leadership. Luly has worn many hats and empowered thousands over the years working in nonprofit, academic, and corporate sectors. 

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why Luly B. Carreras allows herself to feel the things that she doesn’t want to feel
  • Luly B. defines what purpose means for her
  • Why it’s important to articulate your purpose and how it can help you connect with others 
  • How your purpose statement can give you a sense of clarity and makes you a better leader
  • The all-encompassing role of purpose in business, life, and success
  • Luly B. emphasizes the need to be gentle with ourselves when we’re facing struggles and challenges

In this episode…

The COVID-19 pandemic has initiated a forced pause on everyone with zero exemptions. Businesses are struggling, work has either been put on indefinite hold or has stopped altogether, and people are facing the worrying question of what comes next?

For Luly B. Carreras, this pandemic is but just another opportunity for everyone to revisit and re-evaluate your purpose because your purpose should help you determine where you go from here and how you can get there. So how do you define or redefine your purpose and how can it help you see the clear path towards the detour you need to take in the face of challenging times?

Tune in to this episode of Drive Profit with Purpose featuring feisty Cuban-American mom and entrepreneur Luly B. Carreras. Listen in as she talks to Fran Biderman-Gross about the meaning and value of purpose in someone’s life, the importance of articulating your purpose, how it can help you pivot your way out of struggles, and why Luly B. says that in all times and despite knowing what your purpose is, you need to remember to be gentle with yourself. Stay tuned.

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