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We are joined today with Larry Roberts, the podcast producer and founder of Red Hat Media. After feeling unfulfilled in a mundane job, Larry followed his passion – He loves talking with others – helping them solve challenges and look for opportunities – Podcasting was a natural fit and is now helping countless people realize their entrepreneurial dreams. His show is filled with valuable insights from entrepreneurs across all industries. With tireless dedication and ambition, Larry has achieved success on his own terms and is now dedicated to helping others do the same. Larry shares his pearls of knowledge and provides invaluable advice to aspiring business owners.

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Show Summary:

A daring leap of faith propelled Larry to follow his dreams and launch a business. Though initially met with uncertainty, he remained determined to make it work. By readjusting goals and shifting focus, Larry achieved an incredible 500% increase in revenue—the result of unwavering dedication that paid off big-time.

  • With a goal in sight and the courage to take on something new, leaving behind the nine-to-five grind is well worth it. Hard work truly pays off.
  • Larry’s passion is to empower others in achieving their podcast dreams. He kicks things off with an inspiring conversation, delving into why they want it and how he can help make that happen – from crafting plans & strategies down to writing a 4000 character description for each project. Working together, his goal is to launch them on the path toward success.
  • Being a leader involves being open, communicating clearly and leading by example. Demonstrating purposeful action helps guide the team towards success – when they see their leadership working hard first-hand it encourages them to follow suit.
  • Don’t let the lures of substance make you vulnerable.

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This episode is produced by Advantages, an award-winning branding and marketing agency that turns buyers into believers. They have worked with companies as far reaching as the new terminal one at JFK airport, as well-known as Jay Z, and as fun as NFL football teams, along with some of the world’s most impactful nonprofits and aspirational mid-sized businesses. 

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