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Emma Mondolino is Head of Nextdoor Create, the Marketing and Strategy group at Nextdoor– the leading hyperlocal social networking platform for neighborhoods. Building on her lifelong love for all things marketing and her experiences at Pinterest and Twitter, Emma has led Nextdoor Create through the pivotal stages of the pandemic growing the brand and its purposeful impact in its communities and globally.

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Emma shares:

  • Her understanding of marketing as storytelling magic
  • How Nextdoor´s purpose drives its success
  • Why NextDoor chose its very purposeful ticker symbol
  • The critical role partnerships play in Nextdoor´s success
  • How creativity is much more than being a designer

Emma is a woman after my own heart. She oozes a love for all things marketing while explaining how marketing isn’t about telling people what they want to hear, it’s about understanding what they want, what they need and then connecting them to that.

This purposeful approach– which even extends to thinking long and hard about how their ticker symbol is a critical part of the brand– prepared NextDoor for the pandemic pivot that proved its purpose. 

NextDoor partners with like-minded, purposeful partners– both for-profit, nonprofit and governmental– to achieve more together and provide more for their shared customer base is nothing less than consistent to who they are as a brand. 

Purposeful marketing is about connection– connecting the needs of the customer to your product or service, 

Emma and NextDoor Create are all about connecting– connecting members of neighborhoods, connecting neighborhoods to other neighborhoods, connecting like-minded businesses for geometric impact, and connecting people throughout the world to the information and people they need to thrive in 2022 and beyond. 

Wow, I can wait to see what the next 5 to 10 years look like for Emma and NextDoor.

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This episode is produced by Advantages, an award-winning branding and marketing agency that turns buyers into believers. They have worked with companies as far reaching as the new terminal one at JFK airport, as well-known as Jay Z, and as fun as NFL football teams, along with some of the world’s most impactful nonprofits and aspirational mid-sized businesses. 

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