Skyler Fernandes

Sky Fernandes drives scalability to unparalleled heights for the companies he supports and for the future of mankind. He’s an industry disruptor who prides himself the purposeful innovation he empowers people to create for the world’s benefit.

As a co-founder & general partner of VU Venture Partners and Venture University, Sky covers markets broader, deeper, faster, and smarter than anyone previously thought possible. He accelerates growth at an unprecedented rate for every business he touches.

With over 10 years of experience working with some of the biggest portfolio brands out there, Sky can add great value to any organization. He’s also a Powerlist 100 Venture Capitalist, and a developer of multiple top-ranked entrepreneurial resources, such as the “Best” Startup Pitch Deck. Most importantly, Sky has a unique ability to arm leaders and investors with the superior expertise, resources, and returns necessary to skyrocket.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Be a part of something bigger than yourself to be fulfilled
  • Innovate the path of education in order to gain valuable and essential experience
  • Invest the time and energy necessary to find the best opportunities
  • Define the guiding force that motivates you
  • Experience success by pursuing projects that you are passionate about
  • Define your purpose as a goal closer to your heart than financial gain

In this episode…

In any industry, the leaders who see beyond profit are often the most profitable. Venture capitalist Sky Fernandes explains that even in a world that’s all about capital, his endgame is more than financial gain. And that resolve fuels his fulfillment as well as his firm’s unparalleled scalability.

Sky disrupts the venture capital world with his organizations, VU Venture Partners and Venture University, by making the most meaningful investments for the future of humankind. His purpose empowered him to create something bigger than himself— and achieve unprecedented success in the process.

In this episode of Drive Profit with Purpose, join Fran Biderman-Gross, as she sits down with Sky, to discuss how venture capitalism connects to humanity, and how venture capitalists can make a difference for themselves and the world at large. Explore the intriguingly innovative and purposeful opportunities that Sky invests in. Discover a different way to scale with purpose. Stay tuned.

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