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The stark reality is that 50% of businesses die within the first five years of their inception. To defy these odds, investors must develop an eye for disruptive ideas that are poised to grab large market share. They utilize repeatable insights to tap into relevant yet differentiated positions. 

In this episode, Advantages CEO Fran Biderman-Gross and Forefront Venture Partners managing director Phil Nadel explore how to identify potential in startups, and use purpose-based decision-making to stay ahead of the quickest competitors. 

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What brings customers in won’t always keep them in.

  • Solve for the genuine widespread problems you experience firsthand
  • Clearly articulate your passion to emotionally connect with audiences
  • Rather than “build” a brand; uncover and share an identity
  • Live your purpose at every touchpoint to embody authenticity
  • Solicit & internalize customer & prospect feedback to enhance & grow
  • Constantly evolve your business to continue to meet continually growing needs

Phil’s Story

As the co-founder and managing director of Forefront Venture Partners, Phil Nadel propels high-growth startups from inception to success. He is both a master of research alone and a valuable partner, as he not only chooses high-potential investments, but he also leads these promising businesses to success. With an emphasis on transparency, Phil invests in startups with more than money alone, offering them the vital guidance and essential support necessary to drive companies to thrive.

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This episode is produced by Advantages, an award-winning branding and marketing agency that turns buyers into believers. They have worked with companies as far reaching as the new terminal one at JFK airport, as well-known as Jay Z, and as fun as NFL football teams, along with some of the world’s most impactful nonprofits and aspirational mid-sized businesses. 

Advantages uncovers the meaning within brands and infuses it into experiences—purposeful branding, engaging events, and strategic marketing. 

Explore how this agency can help infuse purpose into your brand so that you connect with the audiences that matter most to you.