Tonya Twitchell is known to be a champion of people and possibilities. She is a passionate speaker, inspiring coach, and devoted consultant who propels the success of emerging and established leaders alike.

As a Chair for Vistage Worldwide, she leads invitation-only peer advisory boards for innovative and high-performing CEOs, business owners, and senior executives who are committed to engaging and leveraging their most inspired selves.

Over her two decades of experience, Tonya has made an immeasurable difference for countless people, as well as their families, employees, and entire communities. She will force you to re-examine your leadership until you supercharge your results. Beyond businesses, Tonya improves lives.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Activate courage over fear in order to navigate times of change
  • Identify your long-term intentions before taking action
  • Define success on your own terms rather than other people’s expectations
  • Connect the dots between your purpose at work and home
  • Leverage your best self by evaluating your internal dialogue
  • In moments of uncertainty, differentiate between matters within and outside your control to uncover solutions

In this episode…

Change is constant. As Vistage Chair Tonya Twitchell points out, change was here before the COVID-19 pandemic, and it will be here on the other side. However, when we’re forced to deal with moments of drastic change and uncertainty, such as the current crisis, our first response is most often one of fear. Therefore, in order to navigate this crisis, we must activate courage over fear and embrace the possibilities in front of us.

As a speaker, coach, and consultant, Tonya encourages leaders to focus on their driving purpose when faced with the unknown. She believes that by acting with intention, we can make the most out of every moment and opportunity. Before you take action,ask yourself: Where do I want to end up, and how do I want to be remembered?

Join Fran Biderman-Gross in this episode of Drive Profit with Purpose as she and Tonya Twitchell discuss how to unlock opportunities for growth during times of change. Tune in as Tonya shares her advice on how to connect the dots between your corporate purpose and your personal life to achieve maximum profitability. Discover new ways to forge the legacy you want to leave behind.

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